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Last Art (grand format) 1 z

Last Art (grand format) 1


Félix-Antoine Morin – Graphic notation A1 - Félix-Antoine Morin – Graphic Score 40 Cartographies sonores - graphic score - graphic notation



Félix-Antoine Morin’s graphic scores represent existing musical forms whose basic structures are drawn from his repertoire of compositions. Through a syncopated visual construction, by which he instinctively creates new connections between signs, he shifts the initial writing toward material abstraction. Preserving traces of the sound origin, the accumulation of elements gradually transforms each composition into an autonomous language that no longer references music.

By this process, Morin maps out the metamorphosis of sound phenomena through a rhythmic and poetic graphic expression. Although the musicality of the scores inevitably resonates in the minds of those looking at them, they are not intended, however, to be decoded and interpreted by musicians. Seeking to eschew any kind of system, the artist encourages the ambiguity between musical notation and pure pictorial symbolism. While he retains certain codes as points of reference—such as the standard of reading left to right and traces of the staff—he then subverts them to obtain an undecipherable language whose metaphorical charge is revealed by its “abstract radicality.”

This series of mappings ultimately express an artistic intuition in which the artist’s musical and pictorial sensibilities vibrate in synchrony.





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