Asemic Sound Cycles – exhibition (series of graphic scores & sound installation)

Asemic Sound Cycles (sound art installation) - Félix-Antoine Morin Jakarta 2022

Cathartic Quest – exhibition (series of graphic scores)

Asemic Sound Mappings – exhibition (series of graphic scores)

Asemic Sound Mappings - félix-antoine morin 2022 (exhibition view)

Asemic Sound Mappings - félix-antoine morin 2022 (exhibition view)
Cartographies sonores
– exhibition (series of graphic scores)

Cartographies sonores - Félix-Antoine Morin - art exhibition - graphic score - graphic notation
Invisible fragments – audio-visual Installation

Invisible fragments - installation - félix-antoine morin

Coextensive Ubiquity – sound and media art installation

Cartilages vrombissants –  immersive sound art installation

Cartilages vrombissants - Félix-Antoine Morin

Stichomythie – sound art installation

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